Kanye West is giving some sort of details about what his plans are for his relatively new ranch in Cody, WY.

The rapper and fashion designer had previously purchased two properties in Wyoming during the past year for roughly about $14 million. Kanye is looking to turn those into distinctly unique structures that seem to include several dome-shaped structures (seven total), a skate park, and apparently a 'urine garden' (there's no telling what that is, but we can only hope for the best).

GQ recently featured him on the cover of their May issue and Kanye spilled some details with them on the 4,000 acres he plans to build on. Initially, he said the project will be 'something the size of a spaceship'. So we call all assume it's anything from the size of a Tie-Fighter in 'Star Wars' to the ship that E.T. went home on.

As of right now, there hasn't been much construction on the property since his purchase. Although, Kanye has installed a music studio above the 'eating cabin'. I think most people would call that a kitchen and dining room. The rapper has also brought several vehicles to the property which include, ATVs, UTVs, his Ford-150 Raptor pickup trucks, and Kanye's 'tank', which kind of looks like a less-mobile version of Batman's Batmobile (Tumbler) in the 'Dark Knight Trilogy'.

Plenty of wildlife live on the property as well, such as wild antelope, mule deer, elk, cows and around 700 sheep. Kanye is planning to raise the sheep and create some clothing for his Yeezy fashion line with their wool.

Some of the clothing from his recent season of the Yeezy fashion line will be used as 'servicewear' for the staff working at his compound, which will include nannies, cooks, and housekeepers.

The property has been known as 'West Lake Ranch' since being purchased by Kanye, but he is also referring to is as 'Yeezy Campus'. Kanye calls Yeezy Campus 'a paradigm shift for humanity' and described it as an alternative medicine for himself consisting of, "Fresh Air. Fun. Inspiration. Space."

That's a pretty accurate description of Wyoming, Mr. West.

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