Rapper and fashion designer (and now former presidential candidate) Kanye West is using a former generic drug warehouse in Cody, WY to create products for his Yeezy fashion line.

Of course, since Kanye has set up his headquarters at his multi-million dollar ranch near Cody, he recently made mention of plans to set up shop for his Yeezy clothing and shoe brand in Wyoming.

Back in November 2019, Kanye announced the plans of moving the fashion headquarters from Calabasas, CA. Since then, he has also partnered with Gap and Adidas to build on his Yeezy brand, which is already worth at least $1 billion. Last December, a proposal to remodel the warehouse in Cody for Yeezy's operations was given to planning officials and was also being reviewed this week. This, according to city planner Todd Stowell.

Prior to the plans Kanye West has for the warehouse, it was previously used to manufacture generic drugs for a Philadelphia company known as Lannett until 2018.

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