A photo on Reddit surfaced recently, allegedly from 1978 where Van Halen singer and rock icon David Lee Roth is seen signing a record for a young fan who appears to be none other than actor and Footloose star Kevin Bacon. Unfortunately for fans of both stars, the Law of Bacon (fan theory that connects Kevin Bacon to anyone on Earth in six connections or less) did not pan out in this case as Bacon himself debunked the photo, saying that the young man was simply a random look-alike.

Bacon took to Twitter to disprove the photo writing and said, "I would LOVE to relive this moment but I never lived it in the first place. Little jealous of this lookalike."

While the meeting with the Van Halen frontman may have never took place, Bacon has always had a strong connection to the rock world.

In an interview with MusicRadar, the actor revealed the ten rock records that changed his life which included artists such as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and The Rolling Stones to name a few. The actor also mentioned that a big reason why rock appealed to him so much growing up was due to his idolization of the guitar and those who played it.

"I've often said that my heroes played guitars, and in a way it all started at home," said Bacon. "Michael [Bacon] played guitar and my sister played cello, oboe, guitar, banjo, piano, pretty much anything. They sounded great. Seeing them make music in front of me, the fact that they played instruments and were in a band, it really got to me. It seemed really cool."

Bacon and brother Michael are even in the country-rock band The Bacon Brothers together. The project started in 1995 and since then the duo have released 10 studio albums with songs featuring in numerous films such as The Woodsman and Loverboy, both of which Kevin stars in.

While the meeting between Roth and Bacon didn't actually take place rock fans all over the world can safely assume that Bacon's celebrity status and connection to genre makes the odds of a meeting between the two icons fairly high.

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