Los Angeles isn't for everyone! In fact, there are times you just need a change of scenery to set things in perspective, and lucky for Jackson the Raccoon, Kid Rock is there for an assist. Rock gives his furry pal a little attitude adjustment with a road trip, introducing him to the joys of a more southern-located environment in the "Tennessee Mountain Top" video.

While the story pulls from Rock's own experience as an outsider getting caught up in the Tinsel Town lifestyle, the video is told from the viewpoint of Jackson the Raccoon, star of a film called Missile Raccoon just struggling to stay relevant in the rat race of Hollywood. In scenes reminiscent of La La Land, Jackson butts up against an apathetic casting director, gets frustrated flipping off a passer by in bumper-to-bumper traffic and eventually suffers the ultimate indignity of finding his squeeze in the arms of another upon returning home.

Realizing he needs a change of pace, ol' Jackson hits the road, hitching a ride in a convertible with Kid Rock, leaving the smog-filled environs behind for a literal breath of fresh air. It's not soon before Jackson feels right at home, hunting, fishing, downing some spicy chicken, enjoying the nightlife and even plunking down some cash for a cowboy hat. Mirroring the lyrics of someone who didn't fit in the Hollywood lifestyle, Jackson soon feels the embrace of Tennessee as he rolls from the club to the streets to a good ol' barn party. Watch it all play out in the clip above.

"Tennessee Mountain Top" is the third song Rock has released this year, following on the heels of "Greatest Show on Earth" and "Po-Dunk."

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