It's been a big week for Wyoming and wild game-style fast food from Arby's. We learned their venison sandwich will be released nationwide October 21st and their elk sandwich will be in the test market here in Casper starting the same day. The big question is, how many Wyomingites will be trying these new delicacies?

Among the Wyomingites polled, 43.09% said they would try the venison sandwich, with 42.28% preferring to hunt their own deer, which made this one of closest polls ever! That of course left just over 14% that said "maybe".

Now that release is almost here, we'll see how popular fast food elk and deer will really be. We have to admit, if any fast food chain can get it right, Arby's is about the only place that can do it.

Arby's Venison Poll Results

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