Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate a local family for the KING-FM Christmas Wish. The stories were incredible, including this amazing entry from Leslie Shelton.

Here's what Leslie wrote about her friend Kerry Harris.

"Kerry runs a daycare for low-income families. She covers expenses and pays her employees first, with nothing left for her. She recently adopted a baby born with disabilities that a single mom was unable to care for. She scraped every bit of money for a year to afford the attorney for the adoption. This will be their first Christmas together as a family.

Kerry has many health issues, but despite it all, she smiles and continues to help others before helping herself. She would give a stranger the shirt off her back if she knew it would help. I would love to see this family have a Christmas."

Kerry Harris is truly an unsung hero in our community. Thanks to Toys 4 Tots and the St. Joseph's Food Bank, the holidays will be even happier this year.

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