The secret is out. Lander, Wyoming is the coolest town in the Cowboy State. According to a new list from the Matador Network, it's also one of the "24 Coolest Towns in the USA".

The story cites Lander's quirky shops, museums and restaurants along with recreational opportunities, spectacular scenery and proximity to the nearby Sinks Canyon, Popo Agie River and Wind River Range.

Thanks, in part, to a campaign recruiting small business owners and retirees, Lander's population has grown by nearly ten percent in the past decade, with the current populaton now approaching 8,000. Local real estate values have also appreciated over 41% during that time period.

In additon to Lander, the Matador Network list included eclectic towns across the country, including Athens, Georgia, Bangor, Maine, Bend, Oregon, Missoula, Montana, and Taos, New Mexico.

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