A mere 63.23% of Laramie County's registered voters cast their ballots in Tuesday's general election, according to unofficial results from the county clerk's office.

Voter turnout regularly drops in midterm elections, but yesterday's turnout was among the lowest in the last 20 years.


2022 - 63.23%
2020 - 104.36%
2018 - 74.24%
2016 - 108.67%
2014 - 63.00%
2012 - 101.81%
2010 - 68.94%
2008 - 103.87%
2006 - 74.75%
2004 - 105.31%
2002 - 81.76%
2000 - 102.58%

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"In previous midterms, we've had some highly contested races. For example, for governor and some other positions," said County Clerk Debra Lee. "That was not so much the case with this general election."

Lee says many of the races were decided at the primary, which is often the case in Wyoming.

"We had so much media here for the primaries. International media were all over Wyoming," she said. "That was definitely not the case for the general."

Despite the dismal turnout, Lee says she was glad to see the weather cooperate and things go "smoothly" at the county's seven vote centers.

"I saw reports from around the country that they had some pretty fierce weather and I was glad that we didn't have that Saturday wind storm that happened to us happen on Tuesday," she said.

The county canvassing board will meet on Friday, Nov. 11, at 2 p.m. to certify the election results.

"We have a few provisional ballots we have to look at ... but those ballots will not affect the outcome of any race because there's not enough close, close, close races," said Lee.

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