Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says the state needs to decide what it will do about marijuana and the laws governing it.

Glick says he has no doubt that there will be proposals to decriminalize or legalize pot in the 2017 Wyoming Legislative Session, which gets under on Jan. 10. He says it will be up to the residents of Wyoming to make their opinions on the subject known to lawmakers.

He notes that as long as it is illegal in Wyoming his department and other law enforcement agencies across the state will continue to enforce the law. "If they legalize then we won;t have a law to enforce" he says, adding the whole issue is "a tough decision."

While the sheriff didn't directly comment on whether or not pot should be legalized in Wyoming, he did say on Tuesday "everybody knows my stance on legalization and dope."

Glick in past interviews has been strongly critical of efforts to legalize or decriminalize weed.

He also said Tuesday that some of the statistics associated with pot legalization in Colorado are "just scary." He says he is especially concerned about  the numbers of people visiting hospital emergency rooms after consuming edible marijuana products.

Glick says he thinks "we need to educate ourselves" about the impacts of legal weed in Colorado to make informed choices on legalization or decriminalization.

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