The Laramie County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information regarding a recent catalytic converter theft.

Agency spokesman Brandon Warner says the incident occurred in the 3700 block of U.S. 85.

"During the evening hours of May 8th, catalytic converters were taken off of a white Chevrolet flatbed and a tan Ford truck," he said.

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Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call Crime Stoppers Silent Witness at (307) 638-TIPS.

Callers will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.

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Catalytic converters, which are part of a vehicle's exhaust system, are most sought out by thieves because they contain precious metals and can be sold for scrap.

To help prevent catalytic converter theft, it's recommended you follow these tips:

  • Report someone acting suspiciously around parked vehicles, during the day or at night. This could mean looking under different cars and carrying tools.
  • When possible, park in a garage or secured parking area. It is best to find well-lit areas, close to building entrances.
  • Fleet vehicles and minimally used vehicles should be parked in a secured, alarmed, and well-lit area.
  • If you have a car alarm, calibrate it so that it will activate when it detects vibration.

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