Laramie County voters approved more than $128 million worth of 6th penny projects Tuesday.

All but one of the 14 ballot propositions passed, most by a wide margin. But Proposition 14, the City of Cheyenne’s minimum revenue guarantee for the Cheyenne Regional Airport, only passed by a 0.68 percent margin.

Proposition 11, which would have given the City of Cheyenne $2 million to construct multi-use courts and gymnastics facilities for youth and adult programs on appropriate sites including next to the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center, failed by a 0.88 percent margin.

Due to the close margin of votes, County Clerk Debra Lee says her office will conduct a recount of ballots cast for the two propositions on Wednesday, Nov. 3. She says the recount is expected to take several hours.

Approved propositions will be funded through a one percent sales and use tax, starting on April 1, 2022, and continuing until the propositions are paid for.

Laramie County has had a one percent specific purpose sales and use tax since 1986.

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