Laramie has a great Downtown area and a charming small-town feel. So much so that it's pretty easy to get around in Downtown Laramie. You can really walk anywhere and hit up everything you want to. That's a huge convenience. There are also tons of cute shops and restaurants for you to check out if you wanted to make a day of it. This Saturday, though, is Laramie Crazy Days. It's a day filled with shopping in Downtown Laramie. This is also a great time for a shopping day if you, one, are tired of walking around in the heat at Cheyenne Frontier Days, or, two, are ready to avoid Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Laramie Main Street has you covered if you wanted to know what sales and discounts are going on. There are several stores doing sidewalk sales and some also have in-store discounts. Check these out.

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This looks to be a lot of fun for the Gem City Saturday, with all of these shops setting up and ready to sell! According to the event's Facebook post, there will be "pop up vendors and fun promotions". This sounds like a really nice, relaxing Saturday.

It's pretty nice to have another event this week as we continue to feel normal again as a community and as a country. It's like it's 2019 again!

So, take a break from your super uncomfortable(but cute) cowboy boots, and get ready to do some hyper-local shopping this weekend. If nothing else, your feet will thank you.

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