It is no secret former University of Wyoming Cowboy, Larry Nance Jr. is a superb slam dunker. After all, he did come in second place this year in the 2018 Slam Sunk Contest during NBA All-Star Weekend.

During Saturday evening's Cavaliers vs Nuggets game, Nance performed a nasty dunk over the two inches taller, Mason Plumlee. The slam was one of the highlights of the night, but the Cavs still lost in a high scoring game, with the final score of 126 - 117.

Nance Jr. was recently traded by the Los Angeles Lakers to the Cleveland Cavaliers (February 8th, 2018), which puts him back in his home-state and on one of his father's former teams. As matter of fact, the Cavs let him change his player number from #24 to his father's retired #22 permanently on February 28th, 2018.

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