If you're going to walk up a stairway to heaven, you'd better have the right footwear. Led Zeppelin have announced new officially licensed shoes as part of a collaboration with the Vans clothing company.

The band revealed the sneakers in a tweet.

The photos show two versions of Zeppelin shoes: low tops featuring the band’s iconic symbols from their fourth LP and high tops displaying the famous Hindenburg disaster picture that Zeppelin used on the cover of their debut album. Both shoe styles feature a black base, highlighted with white and red writing.

The shoe announcement comes as more and more activity churns out of the Led Zeppelin camp. The group celebrated its 50th anniversary with a photo book released in October, and rumors of a concert streaming service have been bubbling for some time.

On an individual level, singer Robert Plant debuted his new band, Saving Grace, at a performance in England, with more another show already scheduled. Bassist John Paul Jones will perform alongside Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore at London’s iconic 100 Club on March 28. And the ever-present Jimmy Page has teased "new stuff," hinting at some kind of release this year.

Announcement of the Led Zeppelin shoes comes after months of speculation among sneaker fans on Reddit. An official on-sale date hasn't been revealed yet. Vans has a long history of collaborating with musicians. A highly anticipated David Bowie collaboration is also expected later this year.

The company has previously released limited-edition shoes for Pearl Jam, Kiss, Slayer, Motorhead and Iron Maiden, among others.

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