The year was 1946 and Nick "Grub" Skorup had just returned from World War II. His parents wouldn't let him work in the local mines, so he opened a little burger shack on the side of the highway in Rock Springs. Nearly 75 years later, Grub's Drive-In is still family-owned and their iconic Shamrock Burger has become regionally famous.

Grub's was recently named by MSN as the best burger joint in the Cowboy State.

"The tiny place has been around since 1946 and serves as the town meeting point over breakfast, pie, and burgers. The Shamrock is its signature, and it's nothing fancy: beef with cheese, mustard, pickles, and onions. But when you've been around for this long, now is not the time to change things up," the story stated.

Along with burgers, Grub's is also renowned for their "fry sauce", french fries served with brown gravy, and their minty Shamrock shakes. For generations of Rock Springs residents, the old school diner still brings back fond childhood memories.

"I have not lived in Rock Springs since 1989. Boy, what I would not give for a Grubb's burger," a recent reviewer posted online. "That was one thing I miss the most about Rock Springs."

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