Pro wrestling fans, here is a fun fact, Chris Jericho is from Wyoming..... sort of.  When Chris first started he was known as, "Cowboy" Chris Jericho.

In 1990, Jericho got the name for his first match in Ponoka, Alberta when the promoter told him that's what his name will be and they billed him from Casper, Wyoming.  He hated the name so much, that he dropped the "Cowboy" part and formed a tag team with former WWE Superstar, Lance Storm, known as Sudden Impact.

Years later, in 1998, Jericho returned back to his mythical hometown of Casper to wrestle Rey Mysterio Jr. and he lost. But we can't forget about his victory in the street fight match against Ric Flair in 2002 at the University of Wyoming campus.

Chris isn't the only wrestling connection to Wyoming, former WCW President, Eric Bischoff has called Cody, Wyoming for 20 years.  Greg Gagne played 10 games as Quarterback for the University of Wyoming in 1970.  That isn't Greg's only connection to Wyoming, he helped train former WWE Superstar Alex Riley, who was the son of Greg's former UW teammate, Kevin Kiley.

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