I haven't taken a hard count just yet of the locations that have pumpkin spice lattes or anything pumpkin spice...just yet. But, I can tell you with complete confidence where Spirit Of Halloween will be located in Cheyenne this year.

It's kind of a joke on social media where these things pop up, and I can say, over the past couple of years, they've spread out where they're located over the city of Cheyenne. In the spookiest year of all time, 2020, they were out on Dell Range, last year, they were in the shopping complex next to Murdoch's, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, and more.

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Where is the Spirit Of Halloween In Cheyenne This Year?

Well, they didn't rock the boat with the location this year, as it's in the same spot by Murdoch's as it was last year. It's between Sportsman's Warehouse and Dollar Tree, to be exact, in the Cheyenne Plaza Shopping Center at 3741 East Lincolnway.

When will Spirit Of Halloween be open in Cheyenne?

Well, that I do not know. They have a sign in the front window that says, "Opening Soon". It also says that they're hiring, so if you're looking for some spooky work, they may just have a spot for you. You can look through their spooky jobs here.

Well, now all we have to do is wait. But, you're in luck if you can't, most stores across the city have fall and Halloween items out already. I found Spirit Of Halloween when I went to Big Lots yesterday to look at their Halloween items. A straight shot of serotonin.

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