Sixteen Wyoming lakes reservoirs are under advisories for harmful blue-green algae as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

Blue-green algae, or harmful cyanobacteria, can toxic to humans, pets and livestock.

The Wyoming Department of Health and Wyoming Livestock Board recommend the following precautions:

  • Avoid contact with water in the vicinity of the bloom, especially in areas where the bloom is dense and forms scum.
  • Do not drink water from the bloom. Boiling or otherwise filtering the water doesn't make it safe to drink.
  • Rinse fish with clean water and eat only the fillet.
  • Avoid water spray from the bloom.
  • Do not allow pets or livestock to drink water, eat bloom material or lick fur after contact.
  • After coming in contact with the bloom, rinse off with clean water as soon as possible and contact a doctor or veterinarian.
 The following reservoirs are under a recreational advisory:
  • Keyhole Reservoir in Crook County.
  • Lake Viva Naughton in Lincoln County.
  • Kemmerer City Reservoir in Lincoln County.
  • Fotenelle Reservoir in Lincoln County.
  • Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Sweetwater County.
  • Wheatland Reservoir No. 1 in Platte County.
  • Festo Lake in Platte County.
  • Ocean Lake in Fremont County.
  • Saratoga Lake in Carbon County.
  • Pathfinder Reservoir in Natrona, Carbon counties.
  • Boysen Reservoir in Fremont County.
  • Wheatland Reservoir No. 3 in Albany County.
  • Eden Reservoir in Sweetwater County.
  • Toltec Reservoir in Albany County.
  • Leazenby Lake (Hundred Springs Reservoir) in Albany County.
  • Wodruff Narrows Reservoir in Uinta County.

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