The Covid:19 pandemic created hurdles for local businesses across, not just the country, the entire world. We've seen tons of legislation come and go in the past year that is meant to help businesses navigate through the uncharted waters.

Yesterday, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed 20 bills into law that were passed during the Wyoming Legislature's recent virtual session. Looking through what was passed, there was a shining piece of legislation created to help Breweries and Wineries in the Cowboy State.

The Bill, HB0013 for Alcohol Beverage Regulation, loosens up a lot of regulations that Breweries and Wineries may or may not be hindered by. You can see the Bill here. Not being familiar with regulations, I referred to Accomplice Beer Company's Head Brewer, Victor Gabriel, to help me understand what I was reading.

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Victor explained that this bill gives a lot of advantages to breweries that they hadn't previously. They can now sell beer and deliver to customers, they can operate a second brewery without having to purchase another liquor license, they're allowed to do contract brewing, which is beneficial if another brewery wanted them to brew beer for them and they can pour beer outside on their own property.

With the tourist season approaching, being able to pour beer on the patio would be very beneficial to local breweries. Just imagine, it's a warm summer day, Covid doesn't exist, a band is playing on the Depot Plaza and you can walk over to Accomplice Beer Company's patio to buy a beer and walk back over to enjoy the show. This law is set to go into effect on July 1st, 2021.

Things are looking up for 2021!

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