21-year-old Bauner Borgman can now help his dad cut the grass on a weekly basis with his new Zero-Turn-Mower, according to 4Rivers Equipment.

Bauner was born with Cerebral Palsy, so life hasn't been so easy for the young man. He has struggled his whole life to fit in and do physical activities with his friends. Bauner attended Pine Bluffs High School where he joined the FFA (Future Farmers of America). He was amazing in this program and won several leadership awards and even a state degree from FFA.

Once Bauner graduated high school he wanted to get in the working world as a salesman for John Deere. After being a salesman, Bauner's plan is to save enough money to buy a Zero-Turn-Mower from John Deere to help his dad cut the lawn.

John Deere heard the story about Bauner and wanted to help. So, John Deere contacted 4Rivers Equipment to make this young man's dream come true.

4Rivers Equipment reached out and invited Bauner and his family to their place of business. The folks at 4Rivers told Bauner and his family that they had a new mower that they wanted him to try. After Bauner sat on the mower 4Rivers then let him and his family know that the lawnmower is his to keep. They even customized a step-up on the mower for Bauner. Watch Bauner's reaction once he finds out the mower is his.

That wasn't all the good news for the Borgman family, 4Rivers also offered Bauner his dream job of being a salesman. He is filling out his online application now.

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