Have you ever gone into a brewery while they're brewing up a new batch of beer? You know when they're doing it, you'll get whiffs of grain boiling in the distance. It's one of my favorite smells ever(maybe from the summers spent on my Grandfather's farm). I wish they made that in a candle. Actually, that's a million-dollar idea, don't steal that from me, please. Beer nerds around the world would jump at the chance to buy a "brew day" scented candle.

Snowy Mountain Brewery in Saratoga has been brewing up something good that benefits those of us that love to get out on the trails and explore. The hidden gem of a brewery at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort has partnered up with Continental Divide Trail Coalition to bring a new brew to support their efforts.

Welcome Head Lamp Lager!

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Snowy Mountain Brewery will donate 50 percent of the proceeds of the sales of the new Head Lamp Lager to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. Which is incredibly generous on their part. 50 percent! Buy a pint and half of the price of that pint goes to a great cause.

Here's what the brewery had to say about the collaborations on their Facebook page.

Snowy Mountain Brewery is so excited to be partnering with #CTDC Continental Divide Trail Coalition on the 10-year celebration... and we have to say, this special edition "Headlamp Lager" in honor of the celebration is SO tasty! Come see us, grab a pint and support an awesome organization!

While their Cowboy Kolsh has my heart, I'm looking forward to trying their Head Lamp Lager, because, who doesn't love a good lager? And, obviously, it's for a great cause.

If you've never made the trek to check out Snowy Mountain Brewery in Saratoga, it's worth the beautiful trip from Cheyenne and Laramie, through the Snowy Range. It really pays you back for your efforts in scenery and beer.

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