There's a Wyoming fence post that doesn't look like any other you've probably ever seen because it's completely covered in bees.

Look at this picture captured by Rollin N Tami Gardner that was shared to the Facebook group Wyoming Through The Lens.

Rollin N Tami Gardner, Wyoming Through The Lens, Facebook
Rollin N Tami Gardner, Wyoming Through The Lens, Facebook

Juanita Stockwell-Carlson provided some interesting backstory in the comments to what's going on here.

Usually when you see bees this way they are in search of a new home/hive. They are in their most calm state, loaded down with as much honey as they can possibly carry.

What Juanita said is right on based on what the website Thought Co. shared about why bees swarm. According to them, you'll see bees swarm when the colony divides and needs to relocate.

The good news according to the Facebook status is that a beekeeper was called in and helped safely relocate the bees.

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