Cheyenne is two for two, two weeks in a row for classic hip hop artists doing incredible free shows. Those free shows also attracted a TON of people to the Capitol City. Baby Bash on Saturday Night, as an extended part of Fridays On The Plaza, was a massive hit. I haven't seen that many people at the Depot all summer! Or, ever, really. I know they got the Cheyenne Frontier Days kiss of tourists being in town, but, man, it was shoulder to shoulder.

The City of Cheyenne deserves so much recognition for all the hard work they've done with these free shows all summer. We all have been very entertained with the quality of entertainment that has made it's way to the Depot Plaza. So, they need a huge shoutout.

Let's take a look at this crowd for the Baby Bash concert. There were so many people there, and from the vantage of the stage, it looked like a sea of people. That's something we haven't seen in a while. This first video is from Baby Bash's social media account.

What is this? Woodstock? Well, not Woodstock 99, that was awful. But seriously, the panning of the camera just shows a massive crowd that doesn't end. I know, I was in the middle of it. Check out my view from the beer tent.

Baby Bash

Yeah, I was back a bit, but closer to beer, so the trade off was worth it. I could hear him pretty well, the Plaza was bumping. Speaking of bumping, look at another great shot of the crowd here.

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Ah, yes, Baby Bash's second most popular song had everyone waving their arms. Still, a ton of people and it looks even cooler with the sunset. Here's a video that the City made of the performance that I'll leave you off with. The crowd was awesome and huge.

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Four Cheyenne Frontier Days Grand Parades again marched through downtown Cheyenne in 2021, to the delight of thousands of onlookers.

At the parades (July 27, 29, 31), there was an endless array of marching bands, floats, riders on horseback, horse-drawn wagons, and other exhibits too numerous to mention.

The parades alternate with the Frontier Days Pancake Breakfasts which happened on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings of CFD week (July 26, 28, 30) at the Cheyenne Depot Plaza.

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