A lost pet was reunited with her family thanks in no small part to technology. Cookie, a dog from Casper, was lost and somehow made her way all the way to Cheyenne. After the canine was dropped off at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, staff members were able to identify Cookie by her microchip.

This fortunate ending was made possible because Ashlie (Cookie's owner), got her chipped.

This is a good reminder to other pet owners to make sure you get your furry family members microchipped. It greatly increases your chances of being reunited with lost animals.

The full Cheyenne Animal Shelter Facebook post reads:

Cookie finds her way Home

A dog was brought in and surrendered to us earlier this week. The man who dropped off the dog said that the dog was sick and needed to be treated for ear infections.

Cheyenne Animal Shelter staff scanned the dog for a microchip and found that Cookie didn’t actually belong to the person who dropped her off, and she was a long way from home.

The microchip is registered to Ashley who lives in Casper, Wyoming. Cookie disappeared from her backyard several weeks ago. “I was so confused. She’s never been a fence jumper. She’s never tried to run away,” said Ashley, “My kids have been crying for weeks.”

Ashley says the road they live on has heavy traffic, and they were worried that Cookie would be hit by a car, so they immediately started searching for her. They’ve hung up flyers in the neighborhood, checked in at Casper Metro and asked neighbors if anyone has seen the pup.

Initially, when she received a call from Cheyenne she didn’t want to answer, because she said she doesn’t know anyone who lives in Cheyenne. However, it’s a good thing she did, because it’s how she found out Cookie was at our shelter, waiting to be brought back home. “I just couldn’t wait to tell the kids!” said Ashley.

When we brought Cookie out to the family, there were a lot of hugs and kisses – from Cookie – and smiles from the family. It looks like everyone is happy to be reunited, and it was all thanks to a microchip that Cookie was able to find her way back home.

Did you know? We will microchip your pet for just $30, which includes the initial registration to the owner. Just bring your pet to the shelter between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. The process only takes a minute, and no appointment is necessary.

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