An Iowa man who was caught speeding with drugs in Wyoming last spring has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, Acting U.S. Attorney Nicholas Vassallo announced Friday.

Nathan Russell Cates, 41, of Missouri Valley, was arrested on May 11, 2021 after the Wyoming Highway Patrol stopped him for speeding on Interstate 80 near Cheyenne and discovered, among other things, 48 pounds of methamphetamine in his car.

Cates was indicted on charges of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and THC on Sept. 22, 2021, and later pleaded guilty to the methamphetamine charge as part of a plea bargain.

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"This case serves as an excellent example of cooperation between federal and state law enforcement to jointly combat the ongoing threat of methamphetamine in our communities," said Vassallo.

"We remain dedicated to disrupting illegal drug trafficking whether the drugs are bound for Wyoming or are simply passing through on our interstates," Vassallo added.

Cates will be on supervised release for five years once he's released from prison.

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