A man that was working in the dairy industry in Colorado, unfortunately, passed away in an extremely horrible manner.

The man, Juan Panzo Temoxtle, was a Mexican immigrant working in Colorado in hopes of eventually being able to purchase a new home for his family in Mexico. Unfortunately, Temoxtle passed away while training for a new job at a dairy farm in  LaSalle, Colorado in a disturbing manner.

Temoxtle was allegedly in a truck at the dairy facility that somehow ended up in what is known as a manure pit, which is exactly what it sounds like - a hole in the ground filled with liquid cow excrement.

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After the truck fell into the 12-foot-deep pit, Temoxtle naturally tried to escape. However, it has been reported that the door to the vehicle was jammed shut and Temoxtle drowned in the liquid excrement in what many would call the thing of nightmares.

The truck that Temoxtle was driving is known as a manure vacuum and following the truck's descent into the pit, the man was retrieved from the said truck and was given CPR but, unfortunately, it was too late as Temoxtle had already passed away.

The truck that still contained Temoxtle's body was retrieved from the manure pit using chains and excavators but their efforts proved to have been executed too late.

It has been said that the reason that Temoxtle couldn't get out of the truck's doors was because of the water pressure and ultimately drove the vehicle into the pit because of the speed he was traveling at.

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