Do you believe in Bigfoot? If your answer is yes, the next logical step is to believe that Bigfoot would need some type of house. If you're still nodding your approval, check out recent video from a guy who thinks he found a Bigfoot house in Yellowstone.

I should say that I think he thinks he found a Bigfoot house. The reason I say that is
Richard Donahue added the word "satire" to his video description, but the video doesn't sound like satire. It's a description of a tree structure in Yellowstone that doesn't appear normal.

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It's worth noting that this type of tree trunk piling has been attributed to Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot) by some rather famous investigators. Trees leaning on other trees is allegedly very much a Bigfoot thing.

One comment on YouTube is attempting to rain on this guy's Yellowstone Bigfoot parade. He said:

"Sorry my friend but what you are actually looking at is a Historical American Indian Structure site."

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