I love Cinnabon's. My wife has sent me on very specific Cinnabon missions. But, I'm pretty sure I don't love Cinnabon's as much as one man who was arrested recently after he threw a brick through a Wendy's restaurant window when he learned they no longer have Cinnabon's.

This really happened. The Smoking Gun reported that a Florida man (of course) became enraged when he went to his local Wendy's and ordered Cinnabons only to find out THEY HAD NONE. Travesty. The man's name is Tyrell for what it's worth.

My favorite part of The Smoking Gun story is this little tidbit:

When a passerby asked why he targeted Wendy’s, Tyrrell reportedly replied, “They don’t sell Cinnabons anymore!”

Did I mention this happened in Florida? It did. Key West to be exact.

I try to be a helpful human, so for Tyrell I've done some research and found a YouTube guy who has figured out how to replicate the Cinnabon experience at home.

You are welcome, Tyrell. According to the story, the courts decided not to send him to jail so he's free (for the moment) to try this homemade Cinnabon recipe.

This homemade Cinnabon thing would have come in handy a few weeks ago when my wife added obtaining them to my to-do list. As Adam Sandler said in The Wedding Singer..."information that would have been helpful to me YESTERDAY".

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