Even I was a little shocked...

I'm sure dentists are rejoicing over the emphasis on oral health these days. A clean mouth prevents bad breath and with these masks, there's no escaping the stank. I'll admit, the first time I wore a mask, I had to stop and grab a piece of gum. My mouth didn't taste bad, but boy did it stink once I put that mask on. Thank the Lord social distancing is also a thing because suddenly I was feeling very self conscious about my breath.

Now that I've been vulnerable and shared my story, have you experienced the same?

We're not alone. In fact, a recent survey has found that 57 percent of people have come face to face (pretty much literally) with their own nasty breath. I'm curious how many of those respondents have thought about the people they've subjected to their coffee breath.

Actually, I'd also like to know how many people have kicked a habit like smoking or dipping since having to wear a mask.

It's a good thing we're all focusing on a fresh mouth, since 81 percent in that same survey say that bad breath is a major turnoff. 75 percent of couples said they fear morning breath so they usually avoid kissing their significant other after just waking up. And here's the real eye-opener, 22 percent of respondents admitted that bad breath led to a breakup.

And while it's recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day, 35 percent said they don't always do it. In fact, 10 percent of respondents said they don't even brush once a day. Oh, I can only imagine what that mask situation is like... Yuck!

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