The city is abuzz with the news that Five Finger Death Punch's frontman, Ivan Moody, received a key to the city during his July 26 performance at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

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The occasion was a surprise - there was no formal announcement that Mayor Collins would issue the key at the concert. But there couldn't have been a better day for the auspicious event. Ivan, now a proud Cheyenne resident and entrepreneur, received the Key to the City on the very day commemorating the Cheyenne community during Frontier Days - Cheyenne Day.

The occasion marked several key moments in Cheyenne's history. First and foremost, it was the first time a Magic City of the Plains resident had ever headlined and performed on the Frontier Nights stage. According to Mayor Collins, it was also the first time a Key to the City had been given at a Frontier Days concert. And it was the first time Mayor Collins had issued a Key to the City as mayor.

Why Did Ivan Moody Receive a Key to the City?

In his address to Ivan and the concertgoers, Mayor Collins sighted Ivan's services to the Cheyenne community as the reason for awarding the singer a key to the city. Mayor Collins told KGAB News that Ivan's story of perseverance and his desire to help Cheyenne played a key role in his receipt of the award.

"Ivan has struggled with his sobriety and mental health and come out the other side really strong," said Mayor Collins, "But what's important is he's using his story and fame to ask for help and do the things that are necessary to help others. To me, that was such a powerful message. And now he's living here in Cheyenne and putting his money where his mouth is."

Mayor Collins was, of course, referencing Ivan's new business ties to Cheyenne via the opening of Moody's Rock Stop and, most significantly, Ciara Coral Rehabilitation Services, which offers addiction treatment and mental health resources for the Cheyenne community.

What Does the Key to the City Represent?

I asked Mayor Collins what he thought the Key to the City represented and why the award carries so much meaning.

"[The Key] is our way of expressing our sincere appreciation to somebody taking a leadership role, being a mentor. He's walked the walk and deserves it." answered Mayor Collins.

Who Else Has Received a Key to the City of Cheyenne?

The Office of the Mayor confirmed three known recipients of Keys to the City in recent years.

Former Cheyenne Mayor Marion Orr issued two keys during her term. The first went to Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers band, a Cheyenne native who received the award during a homecoming concert at the Cheyenne Civic Center in 2018. The second went to Mixed Martial Artist Bryce Meredith, who received the award in 2019 and said of the honor, "This was such an amazing honor and one of the coolest awards I've received to this day," and added that "being raised in the capital city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, I always felt like I was going to bring something special back to them."

The City Clerk and Office of the Mayor had no additional records of previous recipients of Keys to the City of Cheyenne.

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