The Wild West is the stuff of legends here, nationally and around the world. With Cheyenne’s 150th anniversary and Cheyenne Frontier Days coming up, Cheyenne Mayor Orr recognizes what The Cheyenne Gunslingers bring to the table.

Along with “The Daddy Of ‘em All,” the west is what we do best. Cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo, cattle drives, incredible scenery, the romance of wide open spaces, life on the ranch and the cowboy up attitude that inspires and motivates. It’s what we have to share with all who come.

Tourism is key for Wyoming to not just survive, but to thrive.

Last year, tourism brought in $4.2 Billion to the Cowboy State. With the solar eclipse event on August 21st, there will be 10’s of thousands more people coming to Wyoming.

Let’s show ‘em the proper “Western Hospitality.”

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