There's a 'Strawberry Moon' Lunar Eclipse happening on Friday (June 5th). Unfortunately, it won't be visible in the sky for all of North America. However, there's still ways to watch it happen live.

By now, you're probably used to not being able to watch things live and up close due to Covid-19 cancellations and guidelines, so it's almost as if we're getting to watch tomorrow's 'Strawberry Moon' Lunar Eclipse via social distancing guidelines. There will be a free live stream event of the eclipse on the website for Virtual Telescope Project 2.0. According to Time and Date, the eclipse is set to begin at about 11:45 a.m. The penumbral lunar eclipse will hit maximum between about 1:24 p.m. and 3:04 p.m.

If you want to see the event live, you'll have to travel to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, or the east coast of South America.

But in North America, we will get to see the full moon, named Strawberry Moon for the short strawberry-growing season in North America. The the Eastern Hemisphere, the penumbral lunar eclipse will make the Strawberry Moon appear dark and silvery, which North America will not get to see.

However, there is another lunar eclipse coming up on July 4th and hopefully at that time, people won't confuse it with the coming of the aliens in the film, 'Independence Day'. Then again, this is 2020 and as we've seen, anything can happen.

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