Here in the United States Of America, we won’t have another eclipse until 2024. But in South America, they will have an eclipse in 2019. If you’d like to do something good with your eclipse glasses, Astronomers Without Borders will distribute them to kids in South America to use.

“Many schools in developing countries don’t have resources for science education and this is a rare opportunity that inspires students and teachers and shows them that science is something they can do. It can be a ray of hope for young people who don’t otherwise see a path to a career like this.”


WYDOT will be collecting them and sending them to Astronomers Without Borders. WYDOT will be sending out a press release soon, but I wanted to get my friends on board.

Bring your glasses to me at 5300 Bishop Blvd.

We will be setting up other locations throughout the state that I'll share later.

Let's not let these get put into the landfill. Please share this and get these things redistributed.

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