Sometimes you meet the most interesting people in the most unexpected of ways.

While trolling through the Cheyenne Area Online Garage Sale page on Facebook, I stumbled on a listing for an up-and-coming business--Jake's Poop-N-Scoop.

Jake and his family relocated from California to Cheyenne recently, and, with him, Jake brought his small business. His mother, Tracy, was helping spread the word about Jake's business when I happened to stumble upon it.

"Sure," I thought. "Why not support this 11-year-old?" His rates were fantastic. He was willing to do all the work. And he truly enjoys meeting new people and their pets.

By the time I responded to the ad, a handful of other people had already reached out to Tracy. When I checked back later that day, dozens had now asked for Jake's help. The next day? Well...Let's say Jake is going to need a few rolodexes to keep the information for all of his new and potential clients. YIKES! This kid hit a gold mine!

I reached out to get the "scoop" on this new business, and here's what Jake had to say:

Q: How long have you been in the business and what got you started?
A: I started last June, so it's almost been a year. I wanted to do a lemonade stand to earn some money for summer, but my mom said nobody would buy any. She suggested I pick up dog poop. I said, no way! But then my mom said to try it because nobody likes dog poop. And that I would probably get some business. So, she put an ad on Facebook and I started getting responses. So, now I like poop. And my business started.

Tracy Deming

Q: How are you likin’ Cheyenne so far? What do you miss most about California?
A: It's cold, but I like having snowball fights with my brothers. I miss the warmth.

Q: What’s your favorite breed of dog?
A: A golden retriever. My first dog was one.

Q: Any plans for opening other small-businesses in the future?
A: Ummmm

Q: So… walk us through the process. How do we get a hold of you?
A: You can find me on Facebook under my or my mom's profiles, or you can call or text my mom at 813-431-9505.

Q: Is this your cell phone? Your mom lets you have a cellphone? (Can your mom cover the costs my cell phone too?)
A: No. This is my moms phone. She said I can't have a phone yet. I disagree.

Q: Favorite game to play on your cellphone?
A: Since I don't have one, I stick to Xbox 360.

Q: What about music? Do you listen to music while you perform the deed?
A: No. Usually I'm talking to myself or my mom.

Q: Ok next step. After we call, what happens?
A: We schedule a date and time for me to come over and then I come.

Q: And when you’re there…do I have to watch? What do other homeowners typically do while you’re canvasing their yard?
A: Some people stand there and talk to my mom, some people go inside, and sometimes they aren't even  home.

Q: But…what do you do with the…goods…. Once they’re picked up?  
A: I use to take it home and throw it away, but it got really stinky after 3 minutes. Now I throw it away in your trash can. I make special brownies for my friends. Want one? Hee hee.

Q: Do you take stock in hand sanitizer? Favorite flavor?
A: My mom won't let me in her car until I clean my hands.

 Q: What’s your least favorite part about the job? What about your favorite?
A: Fresh poop- it's really stinky. My favorite is getting paid.

Q: Do you have a funny story to tell, about your time on the job in California?
A: One dog ALWAYS had diarrhea. Always, like every week. And it pooped everywhere. On rocks, the sidewalk, grass. And then they got a puppy that always had diarrhea.

Q: What about cat boxes? Would you do those? Hamster cages? I’m totally giving you a way to expand your business here. Now you owe me royalties.
A: My brother will.

Q: Let’s talk equipment for a brief second… do you use the super dooper pooper scooper?
A: I started out with a small scooper, but now I have a super dooper pooper scooper.

 Q: Have you ever played the Doggie Doo game? 
A: No.

Q: Can you please tell us your name, Facebook business URL, contact information, and pricing guide?
A: Jake's Poop-n-Scoop. I usually charge $5-10 dollars, depending on yard size and how many dogs you have. Initial clean up may be more. You have to contact my mom. She schedules all my initial appointments.  But I'm the CEO.

My mom or dad drive me. - since I'm only 11. They double check my work just in case I forget something.

Tracy Deming

If you're looking for a little extra yard help, do reach out to Jake and Tracy! A wonderful way to support this ambitious kid and give him a little extra cash for those Xbox games.