Hello. I'm the new guy in town that you can kick around. I'm on the air weekdays between 3 and 7 p.m. here on 101.9 KingFM.My wife Janis and our three pomeranians moved to Wyoming at the start of the year from Wasilla, AK (And no, we couldn't see Russia). So far, we love Wyoming and can't wait until summer to take our grandchildren to Yellowstone.

I am into trains... LOTS of train pictures... and most likely you will see me taking pictures of the Union Pacific rolling through Cheyenne. I paint watercolor, take the dogs to Nancy Mockler Dog Park and love classic rock.

I'm always in the studio with the speakers up to 11.

What’s your favorite classic rock band?
Led Zeppelin

If you could name a banana split after any singer, what would it be called?
Bono Banana Bazinga

The best thing to happen to classic rock music has been….
Younger audiences accepting and liking Hendix, The Doors, Stones, Beatles, etc.


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