If you see a lady sitting behind the Pokes bench, front row at War Memorial, that is just Sue Nelson, the Pokes biggest fan, according to Casper Star Tribune.

For almost two decades now, Sue Nelson has attended almost every Pokes practice for football and basketball. And she has been to every home game of the two sports sitting in her same seat every game since the 70s.

Coach Craig Bohl doesn't allow any spectators at practice and very little media. But when he arrived in Wyoming he had to make one exception.

Here's what Coach Bohl has to say about Sue, “I noticed her when I first got here, and they told me she had been coming forever. She’s gotten to be a huge fan of the players. She just follows everybody, so it’s kind of special.”

The players even look at her as their "Laramie Grandma." She tries talking to the kids and getting to know them knowing that they are far away from home for the first time in their lives.

Sue became a fan of the Pokes while growing up in Rock Springs listening to them on the radio with her mom and grandma. The first game she ever went to was in 1966 when the Pokes took on BYU and won 47-14. Not only does Sue have season tickets to Cowboy football and basketball but she is also a member of the Cowboy Joe Club, the UW booster organization and her daughter works at the university as well.

It is rare she misses a practice. She also tries to make it to three away games per year. Sue has been to every Mountain West Conference school except Fresno State. This year she plans to go to the Boise State, Utah State, and Air Force games in November.

Nelson's love for the team goes as far as going to the hotel the team and coaches stay at the night before a home game to greet them. She also never misses the "Cowboy Walk." That's when the players and coaches walk across the street from their hotel to the locker room.

If all of that doesn't prove she is the biggest fan then how about this, she hosts dinner for the players as well. A few years ago Sue got approval from UW to host dinners for the players to make them feel at home for one night.

At 70-years-old, Sue Nelson runs around like she is still in college making sure her Pokes have the support they deserve. You may have thought you were the Cowboys biggest fan but after reading this you may have to reconsider.

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