A memorial concert honoring Robin Munis will be held on Saturday August 4th at the Cheyenne Depot Plaza. The proceeds from the concert will benefit Safehouse in Cheyenne.


Robin Munis,  was singing with 'Ty & The Twisters' at Old Chicago in Cheyenne when, just after midnight on July 14, 2007,  a bullet pierced a plate glass door and hit her in the head, killing her. The story gained national attention after authorities identified the shooter as her estranged husband David Munis, a National Guard Sergeant and a trained sniper. Three days later in a remote area 45 miles from Cheyenne, David Munis shot himself in the chest as authorities approached.  He died after being airlifted to the hospital.

This Saturday, four local bands will come together to perform in her memory.  The lineup includes 'Avenue', 'Second Opinion', 'Jazztet' and 'Beatgrass' seen here;

The concerts are free but donations are greatly appreciated and will help fight the very real issue of domestic violence.  For more information about the concert or help for domestic violence log onto www.wyomingsafehouse.org