I decided that for Memorial Day this year, I am going to have a little "Stay-cation." Memorial Day weekend is known for being a BBQ holiday, so I am doing my part to go above and beyond just cremating hot dogs and burgers. Im going to try something a little more interesting this memorial day weekend. But, after doing a little research on the web, I have come to a crossroads on what to make.

I recently inherited a smoker from a friend. It is a vintage refrigerator that has been converted into a meat smoker. I have instantly fell in love with my smoker, as am looking for anything I can to cook in it. So for this Memorial Day weekend, We are going to try something different.

Earlier this week, I had a listener call in a song request and we got on the topic of grilling. He brought up the idea of smoking a "Swineapple." What is a "Swineapple?" It is pork loin, stuffed in a hollowed out pineapple, wrapped in bacon and smoked. I came across a YouTube series called "Smoked Meat with Jef." In the video Jef shows us how to poperly smoke a "Swineapple." But, I also came across another one of Jef's videos, that looks equally as awesome. It is a "Mac n Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf wrapped in bacon."

So here is my problem. I'm not sure I have time this weekend to try both. Which one should be on my Memorial Day Weekend Menu? Check out both of Jef's videos and let me know.