Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has always seen the bigger picture, even during his less sophisticated days in the early phase of the band's career. Always searching for the profound, he takes inspiration from all sorts of things outside of music and, most recently, he's confirmed that film stimulates his creative impulses the most of anything in the wide realm of the arts.

As a guest during a "fireside chat" held at Salesforce's "Dreamforce" conference in Metallica's Bay Area home of San Francisco, Ulrich was open about his out-of-the-box line of thinking and his refusal to conform to narrow viewpoints and standards, especially in rock and metal.

"Those of you who know me know that my biggest passion in the world of art is film, and I think film as a medium still has a lot of — there's a lot of exciting things that are happening, a lot of barriers that are still being broken down," Ulrich said of one of his many passions.

Discussing how this inspiration translates to his own creative indulgences, Ulrich went on, "When I see a great movie — I saw a movie a couple of days ago called Honey Boy. I saw a movie two days ago, a preview of a movie that I highly recommend, called Uncut Gems, with Adam Sandler, that's coming out in the next month. When you see movies at that level — they're rare — but when you see movies like that, it makes me wanna go back to Metallica and create: write songs [and] play music."

"So whether it's painting or whether it's sculpture or whether it's film or whether it's literature, I find just as much inspiration outside the world of just music or even just hard rock," the drummer continued. "So, to me, it's just about curiosity, broadening your strokes, broadening your horizons and not thinking in too limited a scope."

Watch the complete interview below.

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