A meteorite may have fallen near the Wind River Reservation last weekend. Around 5:30 a.m. on December 1st, several Riverton residents saw a fireball streak across the sky, then heard a loud, window-rattling crash two to three minutes later.

One eyewitness reported his observations to the American Meteor Society, describing a bright white object on the horizon, descending from right to left at 5:33 a.m, followed by the sound of "large thundering" around 5:36 a.m. County 10 documented a series of sightings from shocked citizens on social media. Similar sightings were also reported in the towns of Ethete and Ft. Washakie and the boom was heard 80 miles north in Dubois, according to Buckrail.

It's not the first time a suspected meteorite has been seen in the area. In 2015, several witnesses reported a "green" fireball flying over Riverton. Cody astronomer Dewey Vanderhoff also documented a bolide meteor later that year.

The Buckrail article speculates the latest sighting may have also been a bolide meteor and dismissed the possibility of an earthquake or sonic boom. Some locals have cited other explanations on social media ranging from aliens to Santa Claus. If indeed the fireball was a meteor falling to earth, remnants of the rock could be somewhere in remote western Wyoming.

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