State and local officials on hand Thursday for the "cable cutting" ceremony for Microsoft's zero-emission biogas powered data center near Cheyenne. 

The project uses biogas produced at the Dry Creek facility to power the fuel cell at the Data Plant. The biogas is a byproduct of municipal wastewater treatment. Anaerobic bacteria produce the biogas while stabilizing solids removed from wastewater. The fuel cell electrochemically converts the biogas into electricity to power the Microsoft IT server container.

Microsoft senior research program manager, Sean James said the fuel cell plant generates continuous power that is not dependent on the weather or time of day, supporting the round the clock operation of the Data Center, even in the event of a power outage. The excess electricity not used by the data center is supplied to the reclamation facility to reduce their power costs. The useable heat is also captured and supplied to the reclamation facility to assist treatment processes.


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