I doubt that even the pronghorn that were grazing right above this were aware that anything happened, but there was a minor earthquake west of Casper Sunday morning.

The USGS is reporting that a 2.5 earthquake was recorded just north of Jeffrey City and practically 78 miles directly west of Casper.


We know that our part of Wyoming isn't known for any major earthquake faults. According to the Wyoming State Geological Survey, we sit on what are known as Quaternary faults. They say Wyoming has around 80 of these with 26 being active. That's likely the source of the slight shaking this morning.

A 2.5 earthquake is laughable for areas like California where bigger shakes happen all the time. But, it's a good reminder that earthquakes can and do happen in Wyoming. There are estimates that western Wyoming faults are capable of 7 and larger like the killer 1959 quake that hit Yellowstone.

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