There were a lot of earthquakes in the Yellowstone National Park area in 2022, but that's not a reason to worry according to the USGS.

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Mike Poland is the Scientist-in-Charge of the Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory. He just provided his monthly update to activity in and around the park and that included a wrap-up of 2022 stats where he mentioned there were around 2,500 earthquakes in Yellowstone last year. As Mike mentioned, that's normal though.

For what it's worth, Mike always responds to my questions about what's happening in Yellowstone. There is real science at work which is why it's important to listen to him and not wild conspiracy theories. Don't be surprised if you see random YouTube channels taking this 2,500 earthquake number and making it into something it's not. As Mike has mentioned before, if there was a real issue with a potential eruption of the super-volcano, you'd see massive uplift and thousands of quakes per month and not per year.

If the interesting ecosystem and geology of Yellowstone National Park interest you, I advise you follow Mike Poland and the USGS on YouTube. Considering how transparent Mike has been in his communication with me, I have no doubt he'll let you know if something really problematic is happening with the super-volcano under Yellowstone National Park. Facts are way more fun than conspiracies.

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