We have all heard the saying "A day late and a buck short." Well in this case it is more like "a day late and about $2 million bucks short." A therapist from Billings claims that he had solved the poem leading to Fenn's Treasure, but took a day off from the hunt. Well, another great saying is in order here. "You snooze, you lose."

According to the Billings Gazette

In the past two weeks Billings therapist David McFarland believes he solved the Forrest Fenn treasure mystery. Unfortunately, he waited a day too long to explore the site where he believes the booty was stashed.

The legend of Fenn's Treasure has been circulating for a decade. With thousands of treasure hunters searching the Rocky Mountains for their prize. A chest filled with nearly $2 million in gold, jewels and coins.

But, this past weekend, it was confirmed that the chest had been found and the search was over. Forrest Fenn, reported that the 20lb chest was discovered and confirmed via a photo sent to him from "some guy back East." The secret to finding the chest was hidden in a 24 line poem that Fenn released in a book called "The Thrill of the Chase."

David McFarland is convinced he had zeroed in on the location of the chest in Montana. Telling the Billings Gazette 

“The end is drawing ever nigh”

This is an obvious reference to the town of Nye along the Stillwater River, McFarland said.

“How has no one picked this up?” 

McFarland had a strange feeling that his search was almost over. He even said that the next time he went out in search of the treasure might be the last. But, according to the Billings Gazette.

Rather than return the next day to see if he was correct, McFarland said his wife, Denise, wanted to stay home and garden. On Sunday his sister called and told him the treasure had been found.

“Five hundred and twenty weeks it’s been out there, I figured I had time to pick it up,”

Talk about a tough beat, but some treasure hunters are starting to doubt that the treasure even exsisted. And that the leed of the tresure was just a ploy for Fenn to sell books. I guess, much like the poem, it is something that will never be solved.

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