High school graduation rates released by the Wyoming Department of Education on Tuesday show more Cheyenne students are getting their diplomas.

Laramie County School District 1 (LCSD1) students achieved an "on-time" graduation rate of 78.8 percent in 2015-16, up 7.3 percent from the 2011-12 school year.

"We've (seen) great incremental gains of about 3 percent a year, so we're very pleased with that result," said LCSD1 Superintendent John Lyttle.

"It's not where we want to be, we want all kids to graduate obviously and we're going to continue working on that, but I'm very pleased with everybody's efforts," Lyttle added.

Lyttle says even with increased enrollment numbers, LCSD1 still has the highest graduation rate of any large district in the state.

"We're a bit more like an urban environment," said Lyttle. "When you compare our district to the other large districts we're at the top."

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