It begins with 106 bottles, each with a prize and an ever growing percentage of them containing a $500 cash prize . By chance, you get to pick a bottle and see what you win. That’s part of how it’s been for 202 weeks of Thankful Thursdays and people winning money, lots of money. Now, with a new season, there will be more chances to win and more money to win.

After a few months break, Thankful Thursday will return September 7, with 20 bottles containing the big cash prizes and, just announced, two bottles with $1,000 in them. There’s also money to win in the 50/50 raffle and the card games. More winning, more money. Everybody benefits.

In 201 weeks of holding Thankful Thursdays, we have RAISED OVER $1 MILLION for Laramie County charities. This party with a purpose makes our community a better place every time it happens.

Your unwavering support showed last week, when despite a 14 inch snowfall, $12,037 was raised for the American Legion Auxiliary Girl's state and American Legion Boys state program. Last night, thousands more were raised for Laramie County Community Christmas Bar Bucks program, bringing this season to an end.


But Thankful Thursday will be back, bigger, better, winninger…. er, something like that.

Thanks to all who have been a part of this success, now, get ready for the next phase.

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