A new Domino’s Pizza shop is set to open in a few weeks at 903 S. Greeley Highway.

Its good news for pizza lovers and job seekers. In a city that has seen too many doors closing; Cheyenne as a city, and especially south side residents, get some good news and new life with Tripoli Square.

On Monday, Oct. 23, 2017, concrete workers were busily finishing outside cement projects. Stainless steel preparation tables were being brought in to fill out the new Domino’s store. This could mean work for about 24 employees and more choices for the south side of Cheyenne.

While the southside has labored under an undesirable stigma for years, it would be the 6th largest city in Wyoming if it were incorporated, according to George Zaharas, the developer.

George is an American success story. He emigrated here from a small town in Greece as a boy and has roots on Cheyenne’s south side. He ended up building Town & Country Pharmacy, liquor store, a post office, at one time a hardware store and other properties on the south end.

With the recent addition of the new Auto Zone nearby, this will make the whole area more attractive to new investment and growth.

The new Domino’s will share the building with a beauty shop and a physical therapy business. Domino's hopes to open their doors around the Nov. 5.

Coop, Townsquare Media
Coop, Townsquare Media

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