The Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) announced in a recent release, that they will be offering a shortened academy for pre-certified law enforcement and higher pay for applicants.

The agency is excited to offer an exceptional opportunity to become a Wyoming State Trooper. The patrol will provide lateral officers with a shortened onboarding-style training as part of their ongoing recruitment efforts.

Shorter Training?

This shortened training is unprecedented for the WHP. It gives an applicant a chance to transfer to the patrol from another agency and return to the road in as little as four weeks! This training will also provide an applicant with an easier transition without causing a significant strain on their family.

More Pay?

The WHP is also offering new applicants more pay. The increase will be around $4 more an hour for new hires and an extra $2 more for officers professionally certified within Wyoming or the equivalent in another state.

The patrol has openings throughout the state, so now is a great time to apply.

Sergent Beck with the Wyoming Highway Patrol, says, "we want to be able to attract the best people possible. We're looking for talented, dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in their communities—and we're offering them an unprecedented opportunity to do just that."

More Perks?

The Wyoming Highway Patrol will also provide free housing for applicants at their live-in academy, paid-for equipment, uniform, and meals provided each day at no cost to the recruit. These new incentives make it an excellent opportunity for a potential applicant to become a part of a pristine agency and to be able to earn the title "Wyoming State Trooper."

The Application

The application process will cover a written entry test, oral board evaluations, physical agility testing, psychological testing, and truth detection test. These individual tests give each applicant a chance to truly show their best qualities to the evaluators so they can become one of Wyoming State's finest law enforcement officers.

"The greatest part of being a Wyoming State Trooper is the freedom we have each shift to decide what our role in public safety will look like," says WHP Captain Dave Wagener, a 21-year veteran.

The patrol is looking for talented, dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in their communities—and this is your opportunity to do just that!

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