Planters Peanuts is looking for that special someone(s) to drive the NUTmobile. It's a salty dream come true for someone who wants to channel their inner-nut.

They want to hire a team of Peanutters who will spend next year driving around the country in a 26-foot long NUTmobile, complete with GPS because no one wants to get lost driving a giant peanut. The selected drivers will don Planters-logo clothing and be ambassadors for the brand on an epic road trip. It's similar to the Oscar-Meyer Wienermobile - so you'll have to choose: Would you rather drive around in a nut or a wiener? Tough call.

If you are interested, Planters is hiring now. They'll fill these positions will 9 recent college graduates and you'll have until February 19th to get your application in. You can apply here and check out the list of criteria they're looking for.

Who wouldn't want a job that brings smiles to millions? I truly hope they show up at the Sturgis Rally. Watching the bikini bike wash girls clean this thing would be golden.

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