Steve Frost/ Arianna Grainey /ThinkStock
Steve Frost/ Arianna Grainey /ThinkStock

Conde Nast Traveler came out with a report of the most friendly and least friendly cities in the United States.  Who’s number 1 on either list, and did any cities in Wyoming rank on either list?


When it comes to being MOST friendly, Conde Nast Traveler magazine listed the most friendly cities in the United States, and most of the “friendlies,” are in the south, with Charleston,South Carolina taking first place, followed by Savannah,Georgia and San Antonio,Texas.  A city in our neighboring state of Colorado made the friendly list, with Telluride taking fourth place, followed by New Orleans, Louisiana.


What about Wyoming, any cities make the friendly list?  YES, with Jackson Hole taking seventh place.  As a reader described in Conde Nast Travel magazine, Jackson Hole is a “ busy, funky town that has nearly everything you need, set midst the most amazing mountains in North America.  More simply put, it’s an ‘old west meets upscale’ spot where jeans work everywhere…”


So what cities are on the “not so nice” list?  The most unfriendly cities start with number one, Newark, New Jersey, followed by   Oakland,California,Hartford,Connecticut and Atlantic City,New Jersey.  Looks like the unfriendly cities mostly lie on the east coast.

Aside from Jackson Hole,Wyoming making it on the friendly list, what other cities in Wyoming do you think should be on the friendly list?  My husband and I ALWAYS thought Cheyenne was by far, one of the most friendliest cities, with such a loving and giving community that we’re now proud to call home.

Are there any unfriendly cities in Wyoming that should have made this list?  I’ve heard some people say that Casper tends to be a bit “snobbish,” although my husband and I have only been there once, and it was for a quick trip, so we didn’t really notice any snobbery.

What cities in Wyoming do you think should be added to the “nice,” and “not so nice” list?

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